Your Skin Is In For Students

Bring the Your Skin Is In Program to Your School

If you are a college student or a high school senior you can become Your Skin Is In ambassadors at your school! Take this course to educate yourself and others about skin cancer. After you've finished, download our convenient toolkit for ideas on bringing awareness to your school and the chance to win a $1,000 scholarship!

melanoma student ambassador

To be eligible for a $1,000 Your Skin Is In Ambassador Scholarship, you must do the following:

  1. Take the eLearning lesson to become an educated Your Skin Is In Ambassador! Be sure to play the Trivia Game, watch the 3 video scenarios, and check out the "how are you exposed?" and "take action" sections!
  2. Take the Your Skin Is In Pledge yourself. Then share your unique referral link with your classmates, friends and family so they can take the Pledge too!
  3. Educate others and spread the word with the ideas in the Ambassador Toolkit.
  4. Submit an application by March 21, 2018 telling us what you did as an Ambassador. We’ll ask you about how you used the program at your school, how many pledges you collected, what you learned with the eLearning program, and any results you saw because of your efforts.
  5. As an Ambassador, you will commit to championing Your Skin Is In for one year. This may include
    i. Representing IMPACT Melanoma by practicing sun safe behavior
    ii. Being featured in our eNewsletter, social media, website etc.
    iii. Monthly social media posts about sun safety.

Apply for Ambassador Scholarship

Ambassadors will be announced on April 4, 2018.

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