Sunscreen Dispensers

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sunscreen dispenser in the wild





Our sunscreen dispensers are state of the art units manufactured by our partner, BrightGuard. The units house bagged sunscreen that generates approximately 1,000 vends. On average a person uses 2-3 of these "pumps" per person, so a stock of extra bags should be planned for depending on unique utilization rates to your specific area (we can help you figure this out). It's the goal of Practice Safe Skin to not only provide you with our state-of-the-art sunscreen dispensing solutions, but also to act as an invaluable educational resource.

Each of these bright yellow units features the following:

  • Shatterproof mirror
  • Impact resistant, weather resistant, and extreme temperature resistant housing (to protect bagged sunscreen product)
  • Sunscreen outlet
  • Customizable promotion and safety message window
  • Proprietary locking mechanism (to protect bagged sunscreen product)
  • Easy clean drip tray
  • Hands-free interface

The dispensers are not only a combatant in the quest for Practicing Safe Skin, but also are good marketing tools as well, engaging over 1.3 million people nationwide in 2016 (that number increases annually as more and more dispensers are placed). Heck, we were even featured on an episode of the Simpsons! ("Simpson's Go to Boston")