Tips and Tricks

Start Early!
The earlier you start, the easier it will be to exceed your personal fundraising goal. As soon as you are accepted to the team, you should begin work on your fundraising plan.

Once you begin fundraising, you should set up personal milestones for your fundraising. Below is a sample of milestones based on a goal of $10,000.

January 1st – $2,500
February 1st – $5,000
March 1st – $7,500
April 1st – $10,000+

Develop a Plan
Choose a fundraising strategy to raise as much money as you can. A letter writing campaign is the single most effective technique to use. Therefore, the letter writing campaign combined with two or three additional techniques is a strong base for your fundraising plan.

Know your Network
Make a list of everyone you know that could possibly donate to your efforts. If you are running on behalf of a family member, friend, combine mailing lists with them to double your efforts. Some potential prospects include:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Church/Synagogue
  • Exercise Group
  • Local Businesses
  • Doctor, Dentist, Dermatologist
  • Work Colleagues
  • Companies and Corporations
  • Neighbors
  • Clubs and Organization
  • School (yours or your children’s)
  • Those you support (dry cleaner, laundry mat, banks, etc.)

Share with others why this cause is important to you and why it is important that they support you. After listing out all of your contacts, assign each with a level of donation that you think may be obtainable. Then use our Fundraising Worksheet to visualize how you will beat your goal.

Tell Your Story
Why are you running with Running for Cover? What is your connection to IMPACT Melanoma? By sharing your story with your donors, they will feel more confident in their donation and are likely to donate more. You should take every opportunity to share your story possible. Your fundraising page should include a detailed description of why you’re running, any photos that you feel are relevant, and even videos. Also include your story on your social media pages and in your fundraising letters/email blasts.

Seek Sponsorships
We are excited to offer many sponsorship levels with a wide range of great benefits. Any donor corporation (or individual) who makes a donation of $1,000 or more will be featured on the back of all Running for Cover team members’ singlets worn on race day. The sponsor must fill out the Corporate Sponsorship Agreement by Wednesday, February 1, 2017 to be included on Team Singlets. For more information on sponsorships, please see the Corporate Sponsorship packet.

Hold a Fundraising Party!
Many runners have found a fundraising party to be an effective and fun way to bring Running for Cover and MFNE to life for their donors. There are a wide range of opportunities with fundraising parties, so do not be afraid to think outside of the box! We are happy to supply IMPACT Melanoma materials, samples and our UV facial scanners (if available) for your events. Just contact us at

Ask for a Gift
Don’t be afraid to ask for a gift. Remember, people give money to people who ask them for it. If you are planning on asking someone for a significant gift, it is best to ask them in person. Be prepared to talk about MFNE with your potential donors. Ask for a specific amount of money, and aim high. It is always better to ask for more than to lose out on potential support. Once you have asked for a gift, stop talking. Do not apologize or make excuses. Remember that you are not asking for yourself but for individuals suffering from melanoma and to educate others in the dangers of UV rays.

Matching Gifts
Does your company have a matching gift program? Does your donor’s company have a matching gift program? Taking advantage of matching gift programs is an easy way to double your efforts fast!

Thank Your Donors
Don’t forget to thank every donor shortly after receiving their donation. A hand written note is a great way to show your donors that you really appreciate their support. A thank you will not only let your donor know that you have received their donation, but it is also a chance for you to remind them that they’ve made a difference. Be sure to encourage your donors to help spread the word about your efforts. Every person you know has a network of friends, family and business contacts who may be very willing to help you reach your fundraising goal. You will be provided with Running for Cover thank you cards to send out to your donors.