Social Media

Utilizing e-mail is a quick and effective way to capture your potential donors. One option is to create an email letter campaign. Another option is to add a line in your e-mail signature about running the Boston Marathon with Running for Cover.
ex: I’m running the Boston Marathon with IMPACT Melanoma. To help raise awareness of the importance of early detection, make a donation by visiting my fundraising page (insert URL).

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
All of the below techniques can be adapted for each social media platform. For best results, combine techniques across all your social media accounts.

Status Updates
The easiest thing to do is to post your fundraising page as your status. This will consistently provide your network with a reminder of your involvement with IMPACT Melanoma. It is helpful to post your link as often as possible. This will ensure that it is consistently at the top of your friends’ newsfeed. You should not rely on this technique alone. It often creates a “bystander effect”, where people believe they don’t have to contribute because many others will. Be sure to combine the status update technique with some other options below.

Using tags to thank someone for a donation will encourage others to donate as well. Tagging also allows your post to be shared with their friends as well, increasing your reach! By tagging and thanking your donors you can use social influence to your advantage. As your friends see you recognizing more and more donors (people that they likely also know) they will be pushed more and more to get involved. Be sure to always include a link to your fundraising page with each thank you post to make it easier for others to do the same.

Through out the marathon season, you should post regularly about your fundraising progress. These posts may look like this:


People respond to incentives. Use your talents and skills to create an incentive for your donors. For example, if you’re known for your cupcakes create a contest among your donor pool: “The next $100 donor will receive a box of homemade cupcakes from me! [link to fundraising page]”. To maximize your field, you can combine the previous techniques, “Thanks @JoSchmo, you won a homemade cake! The next $500 donor will win a homecooked dinner by yours truly! Who’s going to be the lucky winner? I’m only $2,000 away from my goal!”

Take some photos throughout your training and post them to your wall. These will allow your network to have an inside look at how hard you are training and inspire them to donate to your cause. You can also post photos from fundraising parties you host and from team meetings. Don’t forget to include a link to your fundraising website in the caption!

Using Vine or Instagram Video, you can upload short videos to encourage your networks to donate. Some video ideas include:

  • Short clip during a run or cross training
  • A thank you shout out to a recent or top donor
  • Contest announcement
  • Fundraising updates

You will also be given the opportunity at our team meetings to film a short clip on why you are running the Boston Marathon with Team Running for Cover. You can share the finished clips through social media.

Hash Tag
When posting, be sure to refer to @IMPACTMelanoma to reach people who are connected to IMPACT Melanoma. You can also tag #IMPACTMelanoma.

Create a running/training blog to keep your potential donor updated on your training and fundraising progress. Below are some topic ideas:

  • Thoughts about a training run after you complete it
  • Things you noticed throughout your training
  • Why you’re running with IMPACT Melanoma
  • Thanking donors

You can blog about the simplest of things, but the idea is to make your donors feel connected and updated. If they feel like they are witnessing your progress first hand, they may feel more compelled to donate.