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Patient and Caregiver support groups

A melanoma diagnosis can often be a vulnerable time in a person’s life. IMPACT Melanoma recognizes the strength that group settings can have when people come together to share sensitive feelings and concerns about their illness. We offer support groups for patients and caregivers as an outlet to address fears and uncertainty, increase opportunities to talk with others who share a melanoma diagnosis, enhance knowledge of melanoma and treatment options and identify coping strategies to address the emotional challenges that may people experience when diagnosed with cancer. The term caregiver is defined as a loved one who is directly affected by someone in their life who has a melanoma diagnosis.

Our support groups offer a safe and confidential space for both patients and caregivers. They are facilitated by experienced licensed mental health clinicians and/or nurses who have vast knowledge about how melanoma can impact patients and caregivers in various ways. Patients both in active treatment and out of treatment are welcome to attend our support groups. Some patients may feel the need to connect at the beginning of their melanoma journey while others feel the need for support once treatment is completed and they are no longer followed as closely by their medical team.

All of our support groups offered through IMPACT melanoma are free of charge and are available in multiple locations, including telephonic groups for those who may not be able to attend an in person group or prefer to connect by phone.

Please see our Support Groups page to find groups for patients and survivors, as well as for caregivers. 

Available Support Groups

Billy’s Buddies is our one-on-one patient and caregiver program. Founded in 2006 the program focuses on providing peer connections to enhance support and a sense of relatedness around the challenges associated with melanoma.

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Everyone’s emotional reaction to melanoma is different. As you struggle with issues of diagnosis and treatment, you may also face the social pressures that can even come from well-meaning friends who want more than anything for you to be OK.

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Here you will you find inspirational stories of strength and courage from melanoma survivors eager to share their experience in hopes of encouraging others.

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