"“I took the pledge because I used tanning beds and was diagnosed with melanoma.” – Lauren Deconte
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Undergraduate Population
(To find the student population at your school (undergraduate only) visit, type in the name of your school and select the state. You need to get 2% of the undergraduate population to take the Tanning Is Out Pledge in order to be entered into the Your Skin Is In raffle and a minimum of 50 students from your school must take the Pledge. )

Would you like additional materials to help you promote Your Skin Is In at your school? (If you select yes, you will be contacted by MFNE) There is no charge for materials and services.

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Collecting Pledges At School

If you prefer to have your classmates sign the Tanning is Out Pledge at school instead of on-line just follow these steps:

1. Download the Forms. Only one copy of the cover sheet is required. Get at least 2% of the students and a minimum of 50 to read the facts of tanning and sign the Tanning is Out Pledge.

2. Package up the completed pledges and send them to us with the completed Cover Sheet to arrive by 3/31/14. Send them to:

Melanoma Foundation New England
Community Agencies Building
111 Old Road to Nine Acre Corner
Concord, MA 01742
Attn: Amy Mason

Congratulations! That's all there is to it.